Mobidea Pays with epayments Every Day

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Posted: August 1, 2016

MOBIDEA knows how crucial cash flow is for affiliates. That’s why they allow you to request your payment whenever you want. That’s right! MOBIDEA pays affiliates every day!
That’s not all, though. Now, they’ve announced that you can pick a new payment method on the platform: ePayments.
MOBIDEA is always looking out for its affiliates, making sure they have the tools they need to succeed!
epayments – A New Payment Method

Wanna use ePayments on MOBIDEA? Go to the “Cashier” section and change the “Using” bracket. It’s easy! Just click on “Add account” and pick ePayments as your preferred transfer method.
You already knew MOBIDEA pays every day. Now you know you can use your favorite payment method to do your thing.
Wanna know more? Get in touch with MOBIDEA’s experts by sending an email to or via Skype to support.mobidea