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Posted: October 25, 2016

Mobidea has a brand new Smartlink® tool you can explore! Now, you can promote Mainstream CPI offers using the advanced algorithm that turns affiliates into money makers on a daily basis!
Smartlink® by Mobidea

Mobidea’s exclusive CPI algorithm boosts your revenue by comparing our direct advertisers with the same app from other networks in real-time. This process takes both the payout ranges and conversion rate into consideration so that we can maximize your profits.
The conversion rate for CPI offers varies a lot among demand sources since it’s influenced by different tracking methods, numbers of redirects and other parameters our advanced technology takes into account. By being able to aggregate the demand, we also achieve a higher CAP.
The Mainstream CPI Smartlink® is a single URL. It directly takes users to the Google Play or App store to the top app in the user’s specific GEO.
The Mainstream CPI Smartlink® was created with a very clear goal: to send the most profitable offer available for the user’s GEO and store, so as to boost that sweet revenue!
This new tool will never be paused and gives you full coverage – one single URL that covers all GEOS, rotating through the most profitable CPI offers!
What are you waiting for?
Go check this awesome novelty on Mobidea’s Smart Tools section!