Mobidea Academy is Ranked #4 on the World’s Top Affiliate Marketing Blogs List

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Posted: October 2, 2017

Mobidea Academy has won a tremendous honor: to be ranked number 4th on the top 100 Affiliate Marketing Blogs & Websites for Marketers.
Feedspot ranked the Mobidea Academy highly, giving the platform the recognition it deserves.
The Mobidea Academy is a passion project of Mobidea.
Created over two years ago, the platform is now visited by thousands of eager affiliates who wish to learn more about affiliate marketing and read complex articles exploring the toughest concepts in media buying.
Banner optimization, ad network reviews, Facebook Advertising articles, dayparting, mobile ad formats, SEO, the most profitable niches, the importance of web hosting solutions, etc.
The content created by the Mobidea Academy is super diversified, making this one of the few blogs that really deals with all the major aspects of becoming a profitable media buyer in the twenty-first century.
The platform also has a remarkably informative Glossary to help users understand the industry’s most complex jargon, a page dedicated to the most detailed Affiliate Guides in the industry, a Learn the Platform section where users can have an inside access to all things Mobidea, and much more for users of all ages to explore.
Ready to dive into one of the top 5 Affiliate Marketing blogs of 2017?
Check the Mobidea Academy!