MobAds acquires BuzzCity to provide mobile advertising solutions for improved scale

Anne Freier

In Mobile Advertising

September 30, 2016

Global advertising network, MobAds, which was founded in 2006 and has since won a series of acclaims including a feature in the HSBC International Track 200 this year, has just acquired publisher ad network BuzzCity as part of an asset deal. The two companies are being combined to offer mobile-first advertising solutions. Together, their scale will be over one billion impressions and 35 million clicks per day.
MobAds product portfolio
The acquisition also strengthens their geographic reach to include South East Asia and South Asia as well as Africa.
During the last quarter of 2014, BuzzCity had generated 20.9 billion advertising views in India alone, up from 18.4 billion in Q3. The Indonesian market increased by 54%.
Both businesses are focusing on mobile marketing. However, Buzzcity also provides direct response products for brands. The acquisition will make way for some lucrative, synergistic opportunities for existing and new partners, MobAds hopes.
Sacha Jacobs, CEO, MobAds, says:
sacha jacobs

“The mobile advertising segment still shows enormous growth potential for the next four years; with a doubling of smartphone penetration in the emerging markets. As the availability, affordability, and desirability of smartphones has increased, penetration of this device will continue to surge in that region. It now provides our group the perfect opportunity with BuzzCity’s stronghold in Asia and Africa aligned to our existing client base in North America, South America and Europe to continue to offer the reach and scale our local, and global partners want. The BuzzCity acquisition adds another page to MobAds’ long successful mobile advertising history.”