Moat unveils new mobile video advertising metric – the Video Score

Anne Freier

In Mobile Advertising

November 23, 2016

SaaS analytics and measurement company, Moat, has just rolled out a new measurement metric for digital video exposures.
Whilst traditionally, video measures have been focused on increasing viewability across ads as well as transparency, the Moat Video Score also lets marketers understand their video exposure beyond what’s just viewable.
Moat rolls out Video Score
The Score includes video length seen, video length heard, amplification by percentage of Screen Real Estate the ad occupied and all of this on a scale of 0-100.
Jonah Goodhart, Co-Founder and CEO, Moat, explains:
jonah goodhart

“TV experiences have historically worked for brand advertisers to successfully grab consumer attention and drive outcomes; however, consumers are quite simply changing how they watch TV. We still watch TV content but we do it when, where, and how we want. While TV ads are consistent in experience, digital ones are not – in fact from site to site, app to app, and platform to platform, how individuals see and are exposed to ads changes in dramatic ways. Imagine if TV commercials were different based on whether you watched one network versus another; that’s the world of digital. As a result, we need a way to understand video exposures across multiple platforms in a manner that makes sense to both marketers and publishers.”

Moat hopes that the measurement will make it easier for publishers and marketers to understand and better evaluate their video ads across mobile and other devices.
Given its transparency, the score is easy to understand and provides a diagnostic component to represent the ad ecosystem. It’s also linked to ad effectiveness which correlates to brand equity as measured by ad recall, according to Nielsen research.
Rob Norman, Chief Digital Officer & Chairman, GroupM, adds:
rob norman

“Duration added to viewability provides a necessary modifier for planners as they allocate across platforms and will aid advertiser understanding of the opportunities and constraints of each environment. We support the launch of the Moat Video Score and its incorporation of duration to help improve the ecosystem and ultimately effectiveness of digital advertising.”

A variety of other companies have expressed support for the new Moat Video Score. These include Unilever, NBCUniversal, Conde Nast, Hulu, Bank of America, Snap Inc, and Fox Networks Group.