MMA China launches guidance on brand safety and viewability for mobile adverts

The Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) China has announced the Brand Safety & Viewability Standard Group as part of the Mobile Ad Standard & Measurement Committee in order to provide brand safety standards to fight advertising fraud.
Over 30 group members will be joining the conversation, from advertisers to publishers and agencies. As digital advertising develops at a rapid pace in China, brand safety and viewability measurements are becoming a more pressing concern.
Among the first three standards announced by the MMA China are brand safety verification guidelines for mobile ads, viewable impression measurement and invalid traffic verification guidelines for mobile ads.
These are recommended practices for digital measurement which should also help guide overseas marketers in making the move to address China’s mobile landscape.
Summer Han, EVP at Adbug, previously explained:

“In China, there are still many companies buying on a CPD, or cost-per-day, basis. And from our past experience, the viewability rate in those cases can be as low as 2%.”

The CPD model promises publishers a certain amount of traffic, which is a grave concern for ad fraud. In addition, publishers aren’t motivated to use third-party measurement tools to uncover their metrics.
Furthermore, the Chinese digital landscape is highly fragmented which has led to concerns among overseas marketers to assure brand safety.
The new MMA guidance should help overseas advertisers improve their efficiencies and offer some added reassurance and protection.
iClick Interactive, the omni-channel marketing tech firm, is part of the new project to help provide greater transparency over where ad dollars are being spent.
Kelly Leung, VP, agency business, iClick Interactive, concludes:

“Overseas advertisers must be open to working with partners in the ad tech ecosystem to achieve their goals. Marketers must be ROI-driven and use analytics platforms to empower a higher-level understanding of their data. In digital, everything can be measured and the importance of measurement should not be overlooked. Our focus is to ensure that we can do the best for marketers.”