To minimize install hassles, iOS 9 will offer temporary app deletion option


The latest beta of iOS 9 has revealed a helpful new feature for users installing the next update of Apple’s mobile operating system. If the target device has an insufficient amount of space to accommodate the new version, the option of temporarily deleting certain apps will be given, freeing up valuable space and allowing the update to continue.

A pop-up states:

“In order to make room for the software update, some apps will need to be temporarily deleted. All deleted apps will automatically be replaced after the update is complete.”

iOS device owners will be presented with a temporary app deletion option if there isn’t enough space for iOS 9 installation.


It’s another in a string of alterations that Apple has made to make iOS 9 more manageable for those who own iPhone models with either a small amount of internal storage, or where available space is minimal. With iOS 8, the update was nearly 4.6GB in size, almost half the available, usable space on a 16GB iPhone. For iOS 9, it has slimmed down the size of the OS to 1.3GB.

These two features join other changes such as App Thinning, which shrinks down app updates by making them device specific, and not installing files that aren’t compatible with the device.

Apple will release iOS 9 towards the end of the year, but detailed key new features during its Worldwide Developer Conference that took place in early June.