MikMak launches Blank Presents for branded mobile video content marketers

Anne Freier

In Mobile Advertising. October 6, 2015

MikMak, the mobile video shopping network, announced the addition of Blank Presents – branded, shoppable “minimercials”. MikMak streams 30-second long mobile infomercials aimed at millennials. The featured content can then be purchased across the internet. The first brands to have signed up for Blank Presents are American Express, GE, and Oxygen Media.
Source: mikmak.tv
Producing videos that speak to millennials, MikMak creates fun product content. Minimercials resemble a shorter version of shopping channel product presentations. They are a more playful way to shop, offering more detail on products featured.
MikMak scored $2.2m in funding VaynerRSE, UTA Ventures, Slow Ventures, Jeff Zucker (CNN) and Ivy Ross (Google). The company says it features over 750 minimercials produced so far with the average user spending up to 36min in the app.
Linda Boff, Chief Marketing Officer, GE, says:
linda boff 2

“We saw some interesting opportunities in this SNL-meets-Home-Shopping-Network approach. This is less about how many bulbs we are going to sell and more about sending the message to a group of people who are not going to a traditional home store to buy lightbulbs.”

Watch GE presenting on MikMak

Source: youtube.com