Middle- and Last-mile Challenges in Mobile Application Delivery

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Partner Post - Quantil Inc. Global Content Delivery Network

Posted: June 7, 2016

Kenneth Chiu is the Product Manager for Mobile Acceleration at Quantil. Prior to working for Quantil, he was with the Qualcomm CDMA Technologies Group for over 8 years, where his team launched the first commercial mobile HEVC product onto the market. As a technology evangelist, he joined Quantil to create a mobile-first, acceleration solution that would help make a better mobile experience for users anywhere on any device. With a passion for mobile and web technologies, Kenneth would like to make his mobile SDK product easy to use and adaptable for all app developers, which enables them to create a faster mobile world on any cellular network.


In many countries around the world, mobile networks suffer from latency and availability issues, especially on the last-mile. Even on 4G networks that are commonly found in the North America and Europe, significant improvement of load times is not only possible, but also required to satisfy increasing customer expectations when it comes to content accessibility and availability.

Last Mile 

Statistics from Amazon have shown the real cost of latency: every 100ms of latency can cost 1% in revenue. As we have seen in the recent cases of Amazon and Apple, downtime can also have an even greater impact, where issues at the origin server have resulted in service outages for end users in large geographical locations, such as the United States and China. A study from the Ponemon Institute has shown that unplanned downtime now costs $7,900 per minute, up 41 percent from $5,600 per minute in 2010. Understanding how to achieve low latency and prevent or prepare for downtime has become essential in e-commerce.

The QUANTIL mSDK solution tackles both the middle- and last-mile challenges by mobile applications using a global network of over 600 data centers to increase performance and availability across 2G, 3G, 4G and WiFi networks. Content is distributed across the global network of high capacity servers to handle peak traffic and prevent downtime, ensuring content availability and secure transmission of data. The connection and content between the origin server and end-user device is also optimized, which has shown an average performance improvement of 50 percent through the mSDK.

“We all know that mobile is the future,”says Ken Chiu, Product Manager for Mobile Acceleration at QUANTIL. “Our mSDK was developed as a mobile-first solution to ensure that our customers can provide their end-users the same high quality user experience on mobile as they are used to on desktop. We provide free access to our SDK for developers so they can experience the real potential of mobile acceleration and solve the challenges they face in the last mile.”

We encourage developers to download the free 30-day trial of our mSDK to familiarize themselves with how it integrates with their current system. If you are interested in enabling our mobile acceleration service, we also provide this service as part of our 30-day free trial, including access to our customer portal. Please contact our team at sales-us@quantil.com for more information about enabling your free trial of the mobile acceleration service. Also, if you have tried our mSDK, give us your feedback in the comments section below. We’d love to hear from you.