Microsoft launches AI app for the visually impaired

Microsoft has released an app designed to help people with vision problems better navigate the world. It’s called Seeing AI, and it intelligently utilises the camera to, “turn the world into an audible experience,” by speaking what it sees in the viewfinder.

The functions are very interesting. Seeing AI can verbalise text, identify products using a barcode, recognise friends using faces, and identify cash while paying for goods. Each feature has its own channel inside the app, ready for the sight-impaired to use.

Microsoft has been working with artificial intelligence for a while, and has released several apps and web applications demonstrating facial recognition, image recognition, and related technology. It has also worked with the sight-impaired on projects related to smart cities. Seeing AI seems to bring all that knowledge together into a potentially valuable app.

Seeing AI is currently only available for iOS devices, and can be downloaded for free through the App Store.