Meta games are outperforming rewarded video ads for mobile conversion rates

Anne Freier

In Mobile Advertising

November 21, 2016

Kama Games
In trying to find out which mobile advertising format may be providing the highest return measured in app installs, new research finds that meta games are the best way to reach mobile app and game consumers.
That’s according to a study by mobile game developer, KamaGames, in collaboration with advertising technology provider, Appodeal. The results of the Cross-Selling Through Rewarded Video research show that meta games inspire consumers to play games by adding daily challenges or other personal achievements.  
The research highlighted that 95% of the 100 highest earnings game apps were using interstitial ads. Rewarded video is another top format for 65% of respondents.
Top high earning game apps
kama games
In addition, gamers will receive notifications if their friends are playing such games. Performance of the games was measured for iOS and Android, with the latter’s users showing higher CR across all advertising formats.
Conversion rate by channel
kama games
Overall, meta games outperformed a range of conversion rates. Rewarded video ads had a higher conversion rate compared to banner ads and social hooks. However, banner ads delivered more installs.
Maximum installs by format
kama games
KamaGames offers its own cross-selling promotions across its platform, including banners and meta games.
If it is your goal to encourage users to take an action, meta games are a great tool to incorporate. For cross-selling, rewarded video has proven to be very effective and delivers solid returns.
KamaGames conducted this analysis running cross-selling promos across its portfolio and comparing the performance of tactics. Appodeal compared conversion rates across Android and iOS devices.