Matomy Media – Network Review

Founded in 2007, Matomy is a global performance-based company that specialises in multichannel marketing. Based in Israel’s populous city Tel Aviv, the network helps publishers and affiliates to create value from their traffic, mobile optimised sites and apps with a variety of monetisation models and ad serving technology. Matomy offers its affiliates international mobile campaigns, including both CPI and CPA models.
In this review we’re going to provide a detailed breakdown of the network reviewing all of its key features and presenting what it has to offer for mobile developers and advertisers.
The CEO and co-founder of Matomy, Ofer Druker, spoke about the company’s philosophy:
Ofer Druker Matomy

“We saw an opportunity to build a multichannel approach and let clients work with us through one point of contact. It’s giving them something very basic. They can match apples to apples. They understand costs in every channel and how much it costs to get a customer.”

Meet Matomy Media Group
Matomy presents some of the key facts about their company in the video below.

Our review of Matomy is divided into the following sections:

Matomy Overview

Matomy has established a global presence which allows them to serve their international partners with local expertise, meeting specific needs clients may have.
Matomy Key Facts
Below are some of the key data points about Matomy.

  • 9 branches globally
  • Over 380 employees worldwide
  • 60 billion impressions per month for 500 advertisers
  • 16,000 registered media sources in 85 countries
  • 1500 marketers choose Matomy on a global basis

Matomy Recent Network Updates
A selection of Matomy news updates have been summarised and can be found below.
Matomy Video
In April Matomy launched its new Matomy Video service, a video advertising and content monetization solution. At its core, Matomy Video provides publishers access to video content and gives them the ability to monetize their video ad inventory across different media channels via a single media partner – this includes the mobile digital media channel.
IAB Certifies Matomy
This month Matomy was certified by the IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau). The certification they received shows awareness and planning for brand safety and transparency issues, improving the overall trust between Matomy and the marketer.
Mobit Reaches One Billion Clicks
Mobit, Matomy’s tracking and optimization tool for mobile media buyers, reached one billion clicks in six months this March – the tool is now tracking over 30 million clicks per month. The benefit of analyzing and optimizing multiple ad campaigns along with an easy to use interface have no doubt been a huge part in Mobit’s rapid adoption rate. Find out more on Mobit in this review’s dedicated section on it.

What does Matomy offer publishers?

Matomy caters to both mobile publishers and advertisers, allowing publishers to maximise their revenue through their apps and advertisers to grow their reach and generate leads. For mobile publishers and app developers specifically, they offer the following:

  • A large variety of campaigns from Games, to Finance and Education
  • Inventory optimisation tools and banner rotation
  • Insights through real-time reports and tracking technology
  • International offers with localised traffic in over 80 countries
  • Exclusive creatives and high payouts, along with customised offers for affiliates
  • Mobile campaign optimisation through Mobit, the company’s proprietary tracking and optimisation tool
  • Dedicated account management that can recommend additional revenue opportunities

Black Card VIP Program
Matomy runs a special program for ‘Black Card Affiliates’ that receive premium rates, and are rewarded with VIP bonuses for reaching targets. As an extra, they are invited to exclusive Matomy networking events at trade shows throughout the year as well.
Program eligibility: Open to existing and new affiliates who generate an average of $30,000 a month.
Affiliate Referral Program
Matomy offers a referral program that rewards affiliates with 5% of their referred commissions.
Program eligibility: Affiliates should contact their account manager for more information about the program.
Publishers who are interested can register for Matomy here.
Monetizing Mobile Traffic
In the presentation Matomy explains the different options available to monetise mobile traffic.

What does Matomy offer Advertisers?

Matomy offers advertisers the ability to generate leads and sales with performance marketing through cost-per-action campaigns. They assure advertisers of three key points:

  1. That they understand where users, targeting and technology come together
  2. After the first impression they maximise advertisers’ budget and optimise their traffic for them
  3. That they treat their advertising clients as partners and not just customers

There are no setup costs or management fees involved in the process – advertisers only pay for the results they are happy with. Matomy also specialises in a number of areas, from Finance and Education, to Gaming and Entertainment. They have a far-reaching multichannel approach that advertisers can take advantage of, although specifically for the mobile channel itself the capabilities are as follows:

  • A network of mobile apps and sites that are combined with the media buying team
  • Scalable access to global traffic through relationships with mobile trading desks, SSPs
  • 100 million monthly clicks
  • A wide reach with over 85 countries and local inventory
  • Full ad coverage for all mobile devices, OS and geos
  • Dedicated account manager that can recommend offers, can help integrate the SDK and more
  • There is the option of cost-per-install on the Facebook mobile app and the Google Display Network
  • Rank higher in app stores and find high-value users through burst campaigns, app distribution apps and targeted mobile web and in-app placements
  • All MMA ad formats, including banners, push notifications, interstitials and text links
  • Over 1500 mobile-optimized CPA/CPI offers from 200 countries
  • Mobile campaign optimisation through Mobit, the company’s proprietary tracking and optimisation tool

Affiliate Network
There is a network of 7000 global affiliates that are tailored to an advertiser’s campaign. Matomy also uses proprietary tracking along with a management platform to deliver results. They offer CPI and CPA options for mobile, including pay-per-call.
Advertisers who are interested can register for Matomy here.
Matomy Mobile Advertising

In the slideshare Matomy presents the different aspects of mobile advertising and what they offer advertisers.

Mobit – Mobile Ad Tracking and Optimization Tool

Mobit is a tracking tool for affiliates and mobile media buyers that was launched last year by Matomy. The Mobit platform allows users to track and then optimize multiple mobile performance campaigns at once.

Meet Mobit
Mobit analyzes the conversions generated from traffic for any media source – this then provides insight into what’s working and what’s not. The following are the key features of the tool:

  • Allows you to run campaigns from any network
  • Post click redirect is available by country, OS and more
  • Fast and easy to use – manage millions of clicks
  • Dedicated customer support
  • Device and carrier detection
  • Real time conversion reporting
  • Matomy market campaigns can be integrated with one click
  • Customizable templates are available for quick campaign set-up
  • Full mobile reporting metrics
  • Auto-suggest uses technology to analyze campaigns and then provides targeting suggestions
  • Automatic data collection

What do people say about Mobit?
Here’s a selection of people’s thoughts about their experience with the Mobit product.
Editor of Revenue Performance Magazine, Chris Trayhorn, says:

“Matomy deserves a lot of credit for launching Mobit – we think it is excellent. Highly recommended!”

Jason from Chicago says:

“In mobile media buying, big data is what matters. Mobit gives you access to more of it than anyone else out there. It lets you cut through all of the data and see what is really important.”

Oliver from London says:

“I have tried a few different tracking tools over the past couple of years, and Mobit is by far the best. It is set apart not only by the amount of data it provides, and it really does go far beyond what other companies offer, but also by its ability to put that data into a useable and convenient interface.”

Mobit comes in two variants:

  • Free – Up to 1 million clicks per month
  • Pro – $199 per month, more than 1 million clicks per month

Start using Mobit by following this link.
An Introduction to Mobit
The video below serves as an introduction to Mobit, detailing its features and explaining why media buyers should start using it.

Final Thoughts

In summary, Matomy offers publishers and advertisers a range of features to enhance their mobile monetisation and distribution strategies. With the ability to track and optimize their campaigns through the exclusive Mobit tool, along with a host of mobile international campaigns and dedicated support, Matomy is a good option for both publishers and advertisers alike. We hope this review has provided some useful information about the Matomy network and the services that it offers.
You can find out more info about Matomy over on their website, on the Matomy profile in our directory