Marmalade Technologies releases new SDK, specifically targeting the Amazon Appstore

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Cross-platform game development platform Marmalade Technologies has launched a new SDK, dedicated to helping developers write and launch apps destined for the Amazon Appstore. Marmalade for Amazon is compatible with the main app store, plus the new Amazon Underground app, where developers are paid according to how long a user plays their game.

Marmalade Technologies has released an SDK for developers writing apps for the Amazon Appstore

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Features particular to the Marmalade for Amazon SDK include:

  • Quick deployment to all Amazon’s hardware, including Fire tablets, and the Fire TV, plus other Android devices using the Amazon Appstore app. The ability to submit apps is included in the SDK.
  • Amazon GameCircle, Amazon Mobile Ads, Amazon Insight, and In-App Purchasing APIs are all built-in.
  • Marmalade Simulator includes an Amazon Fire OS mode

Marmalade offers developers the chance to upgrade the Amazon license to push apps out into other stores, and on to other platforms. The SDK provides the option to develop using a Mac or a PC, and in the language of your choice. Marmalade has more details on this page, where you’ll also be able to register for the free SDK.