Marfeel adds support for Facebook Instant Articles

Anne Freier

In Mobile Advertising. April 14, 2016

Mobile ad tech provider, Marfeel, has added support for Facebook Instant Articles to its mobile technology. This enables clients to implement the solution across all of their mobile sites and instantly optimise their catalouge of published content for Facebook-native distribution.
Marfeel adds support for Facebook Instant Articles
The addition improves overall mobile web performance and lets Facebook users view content much faster, eliminating load times on mobile.
Marfeel also added Google AMP support in February, which speeds up web page load on mobile browsers. It is now an official collaborator of the AMP Project.
The company’s existing solution complements Facebook and Google by eliminating complexities and covering all social media and search traffic for publishers. It adds new UX elements to both solutions to maximise user conversion rates.
According to research, 47% of consumers expect two-second page load on mobile devices. 40% will lose interest if it takes more than three seconds. But speeding up page load doesn’t just benefit the end consumer. Publishers get to maximise their monetisation and distribute content directly from their websites and mobile apps using HTML and RSS feeds. Marfeel has also added the option to allow for seamless integration to Facebook Instant Articles with management through a central control point as opposed to multiple sites and services.
Richard Metzger, Publisher of the pop-culture website Dangerous Minds, says:
richard metzger

“Being that most of our traffic is driven by social media, the solution Marfeel has delivered for easily getting up to speed with Facebook Instant Articles is a huge advantage. It’s allowed us to integrate Instant Articles into our mobile site simply and smoothly. And what’s more, it carries our existing monetization strategy over to Instant Articles, allowing us to avoid what otherwise would have been a painful process.”

Marfeel says that mobile users are viewing content from Facebook rather than the publisher’s site, but that change won’t be visible to the end user. However, Instant Articles will be credited to the original site enabling publishers to measure audience with their analytics tools.
In addition, Marfeel takes care of tracking embedment issues to allow publishers a full view of all performance and monetisation efforts. Facebook will also track aggregate activity, article reach and engagement, time spent, scrolling and engagement with photos and videos.
Marfeel plans to roll out support for Apple News soon.