Manish Jain, Director and Founder Konstant Infosolutions, Talks Successful App Development

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Partner Post - Konstant Infosolutions - Delivering Perfection with Innovation

Posted: December 1, 2015


Manish Jain is the founder and Managing Director of Konstant Infosolutions. He is responsible for the overall operations of the company and has played a major role in bringing Konstant up from its humble beginnings and, with his immense energy and drive, transforming it into a globally trusted name in IT solutions.


What is Konstant Info Solutions and what’s your approach to developing apps?

Konstant Infosolutions is a New York based web and mobile app development company with ODC in India. At Konstant we strive to deliver solutions that offer highest level of consistency in performance and quality. We have been providing business and technology consulting, application services, custom software development, maintenance, re-engineering, independent testing and validation services for over 12 years from startups to Fortune 500 companies.

Our strategy for mobile app development is anchored in a phased approach. This lets us establish a clear set of goals that ensure the quality of work is maintained throughout the entire development process for 100% client satisfaction. This strategy has not only helped us in winning trust of many of our clients by turning them into our regular ones but also provided us the platform whereby we could build strategic partnerships with many ISVs. You will wonder, but it has also helped us in maintain a retention ratio of more than 60% (I know it’s not a normal industry standard, which is why I am pleased to share it… thanks to our team too who love their job and is dedicated towards ensuring client satisfaction).

What platforms and technologies do you work with?

We work on mobile as well as web platforms. For mobile we develop apps in native, hybrid (PhoneGap) as well as Xamarin technology; and for web we work on almost all available types of custom and open source CMS in PHP and ASP.Net languages. We have a workforce of more than 180+ professionals who expertise in all sorts of latest design and development technologies (and this makes us one of the best technology partner to work with as we are capable of catering to a vast variety of requirements on any platform or technology).

What types of clients do you work with and in which sectors and geographies?

We serve a diverse group of clients ranging from individuals, SMEs to big corporations in Service on Demand, Social Networking, Ecommerce, Real Estate, Travel etc. sectors and these clients belong mainly to US; but then there are others who come from Canada, Australia and parts of Europe as well.
We give personal attention to all prospects/clients and work hand-in-hand with them to understand their business needs and then amaze them by coming up with a mind-blowing end product using our years of experience and expertise.

Which apps have you been involved in that you a particularly proud of?

I am proud of every app build by my team no matter if it’s big or small. If you want me to be specific, then there are a couple apps like Bogglo and Vent where the team’s work has given me that extra sense of pride.

For Bogglo I would like to share that Mr. Andres Cohen, Founder of Bogglo App approached us to take on their 20% complete, unstructured and unstable, iPhone and android Application through which the college students of New York could buy or sell products. Mr. Andres and his team had already started marketing the app and the go live date was just 3 weeks away. Client approached us with the hope that we will be able to help him complete the app within short time duration so that he could stick with his original business plans and schedules. The challenge here was to complete the remaining 80% of the work (along with the bugs of the already completed 20% work) in a short span of 19 working days. We achieved this task which was equivalent to 200 man days within 25 man days (19 working days and 6 days of weekend) of work by working on all 7 days of the week in two shifts each day using multiple developers for iPhone app, Android app and backend.
The timeline was so tight that along with the project managers, I had to apply all my experience and smartness in order to achieve such a huge and complicated work within such a small span of time.

What’s your typical project size and minimum budget for an app development project?

If we talk about a normal mobile app with mediocre features, it can be built in around 2-3 months’ time and putting up a team of experienced designers, developers, test engineers and project managers for such an app costs around 7-8K USD per month.

What are your main tips for successful app development?

Most important thing which any entrepreneur should consider is choosing the right technology in which they want to develop their app. If budget is the main concern then hybrid is the best option for them, but if they are more inclined towards performance then they should go native (though here they have the choice to opt for only a particular OS or get the app developed for iOS as well as Android at the same time).

What do you think are the most important trends in app development right now?

“If you don’t have a mobile strategy, you don’t have a future strategy.” Mobile App Development industry is growing with such a rapid pace which cannot go unnoticed. Though frankly speaking, in India I still don’t think that Mobile App Industry has blossomed to its fullest. Anyways, looking at the current scenario I think ecommerce apps, apps utilizing wearable devices and augmented reality will be a big hit in near future.

Do you have any additional Information you would want to share with us?

Yes, Konstant Infosolutions is proud of its achievements as a mobile and web application development service provider. Over our extensive 12+ years of operations, we have been recognized by many leading authorities in this field and have been honored with many awards as a sign of that recognition. This includes Konstant Infosolutions’ ranking among Silicon India’s list of ‘Top 100 Mobile App Vendors in India’. These awards are a testament to the Konstant Infosolutions brand at a global level.

What mobile devices do you use?

I have recently upgraded myself to a brand new iPhone 6S (from iPhone 5S) and I must say I’m impressed beyond expectations.

What are your favourite apps?

I have my own favourites when it comes to apps, a few to name are:

  • Twitter – Keeps me updated in real time about everything that is going on in the world.
  • Whatsapp – Keeps me connected with my loved ones.
  • Google Maps – Helps me navigate to the place of my choice with ease.
  • Amazon – Saves my valuable time, buy anything anytime anyplace.
  • Gmail – Keeps me updated with my work emails; after all no matter where I’m, I need to keep an eye on the business.

Are you going to buy an Apple Watch?

Hahaa…buying! I already bought it long back. I personally believe a lot in the future of wearable devices and Apple watch is currently the best in the market.

You can check out the Konstant Infosolutions website here.