Madhouse launches programmatic app ad platform social media integration

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Chinese mobile advertising agency Madhouse recently announced the integration of Facebook, Google and Twitter with its app marketing platform PerforMad at China Joy 2015. PerforMad is an app marketing and programmatic-buying platform designed for app developers. It integrates multiple channels and gives real-time data feedback to allow advertisers to schedule budgets based on best performance and drive ROI.
Madhouse launches PerforMad
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Madhouse uses API to integrate Facebook, Google and Twitter to help optimise campaigns across all channels through one single platform. It features additional and advanced functions to help improve efficiency of campaigns and attract high quality app users. PerforMad features audience targeting functions such as age, gender, interest and geography. Other optimisation tools include programmatic management, various ad formats and distribution channel options, as well as real-time data display.
Facebook, Google and Twitter aren’t the only networks integrated. In total, Madhouse’s PerforMad works with 70 mainstream networks.
With mobile programmatic spending projected to surpass desktop spending, accurate measurement of mobile ROI is of key importance. However, as ExchangeWire finds, fragmented political landscapes and cultural structures are making it harder for programmatic advertisers in the APAC region to accurately reflect on their ROI. Madhouse says that PerforMad is China’s first and only ad platform to measure ROI as a key index, making it a stand-out solution for mobile marketers in the region.