Lycos launches Brightcom to offer programmatic mobile solutions for advertisers

Internet brand, Lycos, has launched Brightcom, a global ad tech company that provides multi-channel products, and proprietary programmatic solutions for advertisers. The subsidiary aims to focus on mobile, video and social marketing. According to Suresh Reddy, CEO and Chairman of Lycos, the move represents a great market opportunity.
Brightcom provides mobile ad solutions
Brightcom combines Ybrant Digital with the Brightcom Media initiative to power more data-focussed ad technology and strengthen the company’s relationship with advertisers and publishers.
Suresh Reddy, CEO and Chairman of Lycos, told Moneycontrol:
suresh reddy

“Two things have led us to take this decision of reorganising this. One, the market itself; the market has taken some very drastic changes, there have been systemic changes in the digital advertising space, in that market globally and specifically US. Therefore, the advertising which is happening primarily through search, through display ads that are static in nature, has moved on to video, to mobile, to social.”

He adds that Brightcom is programmatically driven. A team of experts across the globe will offer the know-how to help clients meet their goals.

“We do not give growth targets but I can give you the general market size itself. The market has been growing phenomenally over the last four years in a big way specifically in video and mobile. It is a USD 200 billion business globally and we feel there is a massive opportunity for us to act on it.”