The Most Lucrative Geos: Tapgerine Experience (part 2)

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Posted: August 22, 2016

Vitaliy Melnik – Head of Tapgerine Publishers Relations.

In the previous article we reviewed what countries of Europe and America have shown installs payout growth for the years 2015-2016. Now we want to talk about Asia, the biggest mobile industry market.
The most lucrative Geos found by Tapgerine

KR, JP, HK, SG, TW Geos
Despite the differences in promotion methods, cultural and behavioral distinctive features, these four highly developed Asian countries have an important advantage: high payouts and large share of gaming segment.
Japan can be highlighted here with a whole range of exclusive offers. However, their successful promotion demands experience and a large test budget. In Tapgerine share of Japan traffic is 5% of all the conversions with an average install payout of $1.4.
Twice as many conversions fall on South Korea. An average install cost is the same – $1.4. The Koreans willingly install gaming apps. When a new game is released, it quickly goes to the top of our system, and those who promote such campaigns can quickly get a high profit.
The other three countries of this group get 13.5%, and the biggest part accounts for games for Taiwan. An average payout for offers is a bit lower – around $1.3.
TH, MY, PH, ID Geos
Tier2 Asian countries have a much lower an app install cost (around $0.7). However, these geos show the most significant tendency towards both increase in volume and growth of rates.
It doesn’t come as a surprise, because there are 250 million people reside in Indonesia alone, and the level of smartphone penetration grows every month. At the moment this group of countries makes 4% of the total traffic, but it is expected to increase up to 8-10% till the end of the year.
CN Geo
China is a quite special market where almost all the traffic falls on iOS. The reason lies in the lack of Google Play, which is partly replaced by 400 local Android Stores.
Despite a quite modest share of traffic volume (1.8%), Tapgerine analytics expect this traffic volume to double by the end of the year, and its share will increase up to 5%.
In spite of a very high payout for an app install ($1.7), new players are not advised to start with this market due to its peculiarities and promotion difficulties. However, buyers who will learn to work with the Chinese market have truly fantastic opportunities to get profit.
IN Geo
India is a large market with low payments, and that is why it is the most popular among beginners. However, one should note that local media buyers working with Indian traffic hold the strongest positions. A website owner from another country has to spend lots of time and effort at the beginning to learn the peculiarities of the audience and the market in general.
It’s projected that in the nearest future Indian traffic volume is expected to grow, though significant increase in payments is not expected. The distinguishing feature of Indian market is absence of gaming offers. And partly because of this an average payment doesn’t exceed $0.3, although in some campaigns it may reach $0.8. But, as a rule, it is difficult to find a new source of traffic for these applications, because the consumers of the gaming market are surfeited.
A great number of factors influence the profitability of any geo-campaign: methods of promotion, traffic cost, behavioral characteristics, etc. When assessing a campaign benefits it is necessary to conduct an individual analysis and observe general trends in the field of mobile advertising.
At the moment the most promising application markets are the following countries: Thailand, Vietnam, Argentina, Poland and Egypt. Taking into account the high level of smartphone penetration and spread of 4G, mobile markets of these countries are attracting more attention of the world’s major publishers. Certainly, work on new and unknown territories implies certain risks, but it would be unwise not to take such an opportunity.
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