The Most Lucrative Geos: Tapgerine Experience (Part 1)

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Posted: August 17, 2016

Vitaliy Melnik – Head of Tapgerine Publishers Relations.

One of the trends of the mobile advertising market in 2015-2016 that define its growth by 40-60% a year is a significant rise in the number of mobile users in developing countries. This was made possible due to the spread of inexpensive Android OS driven smartphones in these regions, mainly from Chinese manufacturers.
Mexico, Indonesia, the Philippines and Turkey are the countries that were of little interest two-three years ago and had minimal install payouts (around $0.1-0.15). However, they suddenly started being filled with $0.5-0.7 CPI offers; and when the promotion of a new app starts, the rates can grow up to $1+, which was inconceivable a couple of years ago.
The most lucrative Geos found by Tapgerine

Traditionally “expensive” countries (tier 1) also show tendency for increase of payouts, though not such an “explosive” one.
So where should we search for new opportunities, and what markets are the most profitable? Let’s consider each group individually, starting with European and American markets.
US, UK, CA, AU, NZ Geos
Traditionally, English-language segment of the market is the most popular among Tapgerine  partners. During the first six months of 2016 it accounted for 31% of all the conversions. At the same time the share of the United States of America is around 60% of the total volume.
The average payout for US offers has dramatically decreased over the last two years and now it fluctuates at around $1.3. However, if we look at games only, payouts start from $2 for Android and $2.5 for iOS.
DE, FR, CH, IT, AT, ES, NL, BE, Scandinavia Geos
The following verticals are the most common here: shopping, dating, utilities; games are less popular. It is easy to localize successful campaigns in Europe by changing ad creatives language.
About half of the total European volume originates from Germany, and it’s not surprising as the price per campaign is 20% higher than in France. Such a high offer cost is common for Scandinavian countries as well; however, the audience of users is narrower here. In total, in Tapgerine 11% of traffic falls on Western Europe.
RU Geo
The Russian market has weakened both in volume and payouts after 2014 due to the economic crisis. Practically the entire traffic falls on local website owners who can work with myTarget, which is the dominant source here.
Recently there has been a tendency that successful buyers move to the overseas market due to more opportunities to get a pure profit. In 2016 Tapgerine has seen a slight decrease in Russian traffic volume, although in previous years this market was in the top-3 list.
In the next article, we will consider the advantages and disadvantages of Asian markets.
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