Localytics acquires Splitforce, bringing mobile A/B testing to app marketers

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Marketing and analytics platform, Localytics, has bought Splitforce, the automated mobile A/B testing and predictive analysis tool. The deal adds the power of predictive intelligence to Localytics’ predictive app marketing suite to help app marketers predict and personalise their engagement with consumers.
A/B test report by Splitforce
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Source: Splitforce.com
Splitforce co-founders Zac Aghion and David Ruiz will join the Localytics team, adding their expertise in auto-optimisation on messaging and user segments.
Raj Aggarwal, CEO of Localytics, said:

“Apps have dramatically increased consumers’ expectations for experiences catered to their individual needs, while giving businesses a new dataset to tap into for better decisioning. We’re focused on helping businesses turn that data into personalized engagement, and Splitforce has the best team and technology in place to deliver on the cutting-edge of that mission: predictive app marketing.”

Auto-Optimisation enables app marketers to save time and market more effectively and targeted, whilst helping them to drive up user engagement and retention. Aggarwal adds:

“One use case a lot of our customers are focused on is reducing churn, which is a big issue in the app space. Our data shows 20% of users don’t come back to an app a second time. We already help our customers have insight into who is churning. Then we give marketers a tool to create a segment and engage them. With Splitforce, rather than have the marketer figure out why people are churning, it can deliver those segments of users with much better context. You won’t have to go through that guesswork. You’ll immediately have the segments and now a series of campaigns to help keep them in the app.”

Localytics recently announced a round of funding worth $35 million. The firm’s clients include eBay, Hulu, and Rue La La.
In a recent report, VentureBeat found that more and more mobile companies were using tools like Localytics. The company was identified as one of the key players in a sector that currently only reaches 1.5% app penetration, but could grow rapidly. It also found that $700 million have already been spent in funding and acquisition within the analytics, testing and audience insight sector in Q1 2015.