Light Reaction launches App Performance to help developers engage and retain users

Anne Freier

In Mobile Advertising. January 25, 2016

light reaction
Light Reaction recently announced a new pay-for-performance app install and engagement product to help developers drive lifetime-value downloads of their mobile apps. The new App Performance solution is being powered by ActionX, the mobile app and cross-screen ad provider, to provide consumer engagement post-install of an app. Using App Performance, brands can focus on different objectives such as app registration, in-app purchases, subscription sign-up or other types of app usage.
Light Reaction launches App Performance
Evan Schwartz, CEO, ActionX, explains:
evan schwartz

“While engagement is essential for app makers, it is also quite difficult to achieve as users are constantly bombarded and distracted by other options. Without quality user engagement, app installs are ultimately meaningless. App Performance provides marketers with an innovative way to build an engaged mobile audience and to drive mobile commerce, ensuring their mobile efforts are at the heart of an effective integrated marketing program.”

App Performance has been developed to address the need for app user retention since only very few apps are used multiple times post download and 25% of apps are only used once. The solution lets developers and marketers optimise their campaigns for higher engagement and thus build loyal app audiences. The objective is customisable. For example, an eCommerce app may be optimised to drive sales, whilst a news app could be optimised to grow subscriptions.
With a two-step consumer engagement process, App Performance first, drives app installs of a relevant audience and then re-engages new users for a set objective (sales, subscriptions etc.). In addition, the tool includes a pre-load functionality to let marketers and app developers load apps onto new Android phones when they are initially activated.
Paul Dolan, General Manager, Light Reaction, adds:
paul dolan

“Consumers are incredibly selective when it comes to the apps they are willing to use on a regular basis. With App Performance, we’re providing brands and app developers with a smarter, more effective method for establishing an ongoing relationship with users that’s premised on positive and concrete action beyond the initial install.”