Liftpass lets developers dynamically alter in-app pricing to boost player engagement

liftpass logo

Gondola, the company behind the Dynamic Pricing Engine for mobile game developers, has launched Liftpass. This open source platform has an unusual function — it allows developers to dynamically alter in-app purchase prices in real time, and adjust them to the needs of specific groups of players.

Additionally, Liftpass tracks and monitors virtual goods and in-app purchase metrics. An SDK for iOS, Android and Unity is available, and the API can be automated to handle analytical processes and pricing management, plus it’ll connect up with third-party services.

Gondola’s dynamic pricing platform is designed to increase player engagement

The idea is to see how players are spending money on virtual goods, and how they drive progress through the game. Armed with this data, Liftpass will alter in-game pricing, targeting groups of players, and helping build a stronger in-app economy and boost user engagement. Beyond this, Liftpass promises to provide the tools to enable strategies which target large player groups, or even single players. Experimentation is encouraged to find the optimal strategy for each player type.

Pricing strategies can be altered according to geographies, and even be tailored to help out struggling players — a potential key to maintaining interest in players who are wavering.

Andre Cohen, co-founder of Gondola, said:


“Developers have always been cautious about changing the prices of virtual goods and IAPs after the initial launch of their game. Liftpass is the perfect solution for anyone who has ever wondered about the impact of pricing on the game experience for players. By providing a ready-to-go price management infrastructure to the game developer community, we hope to encourage more developers to participate in championing against the dated one-price-fits-all model.”

Liftpass is free to download and install on OS X or a Linux server, and you can sign-up for more information on the Liftpass website here.