Lexalytics launches Salience, the first mobile text-analytics platform

Andy Boxall

In App Development

April 12, 2016

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Text-analytics company Lexalytics has released an SDK for the first mobile text-analytics platform, named Salience. The firm has long produced software for the cloud and for fixed computers, but this is the first for a mobile operating system. Lexalytics has chosen Android, and developers can now integrate natural language processing and analytics into their apps.

Lexalytics provides text analysis for mobile devices with Salience

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Lexalytics CEO Jeff Catlin, said:

jeff catlin

“For years, Lexalytics has worked with large enterprise customers, marketing agencies and research firms to extract meaning from unstructured data. By integrating our industry-leading NLP and sentiment analytics into mobile, text-based programs and apps like email, social and IM clients, mobile users will now have access to the same types of insights to improve their lives, while also preserving their privacy.”

How will Salience work? It can provide a variety of interesting in-app features, such as alerting users to emails or messages that have certain keywords or phrases in them, summaries of posts and mails by selected contacts, removing particular content from feeds, warn of errors or word-usage in messages, and create to-do lists automatically.

The SDK is available for Android now, and iOS is coming soon, with a free option for apps with a revenue of less than $5,000 each month. Find out more details by visiting Lexalytics website here.