Leadbolt S2S Integration Now Available, No SDK Required

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Partner Post - Leadbolt - S2S now available!

Posted: August 8, 2016


Leadbolt has announced the scaling of their Leadbolt-Mopub S2S integration. The connection is now available to Leadbolt publishers.

Server to server integration is now available


If you are using Mopub in your app, you can now access Leadbolt’s premium Direct Deal advertisers through a Mopub server-to-server (S2S) connection – no SDK update is required in your app.

Leadbolt’s Direct Deal Marketplace achieves success by utilizing their unique matching technology to identify and connect publishers with advertisers across the globe.

You can send an email to mopub-s2s@leadbolt.com with your Leadbolt account ID and app name to request Leadbolt Mopub S2S access. The S2S team will be in contact with set-up details and onboarding instructions.

Maximise your returns or extend your inventory fill without adding another SDK. Enable your Leadbolt-Mopub S2S connection today.