LaunchDarkly adds intelligent app management feature to its dashboard

Andy Boxall

In App Development

November 30, 2015

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Software company LaunchDarkly has announced a new service that gives its customers a way to better manage and update apps, without the need to go through lengthy update procedures and app store approval. Instead, its “feature flagging as a service” is controlled through a dedicated dashboard.

LaunchDarkly’s feature lets developers intelligently manage features, from testing to release, without the need to continually update apps through an app store. According to the company, the dashboard brings powerful app management features to companies of all sizes, and to software teams of all ability.

LaunchDarkly has announced an app feature fix option for its mobile app dashboard

launchdarkly feature

These include:

  • Limiting functionality to certain user groups or individuals.
  • Visualize work flow throughout the app
  • Change free features to premium
  • Quickly fix broken features, minimising user issues.

Edith Harbaugh, LaunchDarkly’s CEO, said:


“The capability to quickly launch, iterate and control features to end users has been the ‘secret sauce’ of tech giants like Facebook, Google and LinkedIn. LaunchDarkly now gives this power to everyone else. End users switch from home to work, phone to laptop to tablet and back in the span of hours, if not minutes. Successful software companies know they need to improve experience for their users, no matter where they are.”

LaunchDarkly operates a subscription model for its services, and is only available for iOS SDK at the moment, but Android support is expected early in 2016.