Lack of transparency results in $10bn loss in mobile advertising ecosystem

Anne Freier

In Mobile Advertising

October 21, 2015

Mobile analytics and targeting provider, S4M, recently announced the findings of a study conducted among 1bn mobile ad impressions across 30 campaigns, revealing a staggering $10bn loss due to lack of transparency in mobile advertising.
The study focussed on two formats – HTML5 and static ads. Static ads were shown to result in major brand safety standards, with near 40% of ads showing up in an unfavourable context. When it comes to HTML5, viewability is still a big issue with 20% of campaigns not being seen. Both formats resulted in around 7-8% loss because of wrong display environments in device targeting.
Viewability and brand safety standards are the biggest issues
S4M created an AdVerification Score based on the results of the research. The score summarises the value, impact and success for both formats. Brand safety, device targeting and viewability are combined to analyse the formats. The score evaluates the delivery of each ad impressions. It is a fixed feature of the S4M platform, helping brands to strive for a 1000/1000 for their mobile campaigns. Overall, HTML5 scores higher than static formats.
AdVerification Score
Christophe Collet, CEO and Founder, S4M, says:
christophe collet

“The AdVerification Score is a response to the recurring need for transparency among advertisers and media agencies. Often marketers assume that the mobile advertising ecosystem is an opaque black box. In reality, it is not. We are offering a solution that gives brands a clear view of all the important parameters within a campaign. Establishing the AdVerification Score means trust for future growth. Brands can now strive for a higher standard where every single dollar spent on ad purchase sees a genuine return. By introducing the AdVerification Score, we are motivating the mobile ad sector to work harder at providing transparency in the ecosystem.”