Kochava partners with TalkingData to provide Chinese app developers with access to the US market

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Kochava, the mobile analytics firm, recently announced a partnership with China’s mobile data service company, TalkingData, to provide Chinese apps access to the US market.
Despite the country’s app industry booming, Chinese app developers have been finding it difficult to market their products overseas. Kochava, which helps track app performance of marketing campaigns, now provides a solution which neatly bridges the divide.
Kochava partners with TalkingData to provide Chinese app developers with access to US market
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Source: knowledge.ckgsb.edu.cn
In partnering with TalkingData, 80,000+ app customers are now getting access to Kochava’s network of over 2,000 publishers and partners, including Facebook, Google, Instagram and Amazon. Right now, 80% of the top 50 Chinese developers utilise Talking Data to track their app metrics and analyse data points to improve monetisation efforts.
Charles Manning, CEO, Kochava, says:
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“TalkingData has earned its reputation as the highest-quality mobile platform in China, and because of its excellent reputation and commitment to innovation 80% of Chinese app developers are already working with the company, giving TalkingData the largest user base in all of China. This partnership marries the best of the Chinese market with Kochava’s world class global integrations and superior attribution technology to deliver an unprecedented turn-key path for Chinese developers to expand into the US and globally, unlocking tremendous new revenue opportunities. Kochava expects this will be the first step of many paths to cooperation with TalkingData in the effort to help brands transcend international borders leveraging the best tools and services available.”

However, Kochava isn’t the only company providing access to the US. Competitor AppsFlyer has been working closely with Chinese app creators, including Qihoo 360, Baidu, Alibaba, and Tencent. It remains to be seen if Kochava can win back some of TalkingData’s customers from AppsFlyer.
Manning says that there’s been much hype around Eastern mobile and gaming businesses expanding to the west. In February, a Qihoo 360 Technology-led consortium made a $1.2bn offer for Opera Software to gain access to the mobile ad platform’s international marketing products. He adds:

“The strategic partnership between Kochava and TalkingData is the first meaningful formal cooperation really enabling instant massive expansion for Chinese companies into the US and global markets. This partnership essentially provides a turn-key, easy pathway for Chinese app developers, along with a playbook for optimized international expansion.”