Kochava launches Audience Attribution to offer new insights to mobile advertisers

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Mobile attribution analytics and optimisation firm Kochava yesterday announced the addition of Audience Attribution to its set of tools. The feature offers mobile advertisers the chance to track mobile audiences across devices whilst maintaining high standards of security and privacy.
Kochava offers mobile attribution analytics and optimisation through its platform
Source: kochava.com
Whilst traditional attribution models identify ad success by single device, that does not accurately represent how multiple users across a single household are being influenced by an ad to come to an install decision. In our multi-device and multi-screen world, the reality is that a single household may be presented with a brand’s ad across a range of devices. Charles Manning, Kochava CEO, explains:

“Savvy advertisers know their mobile ad is reaching more than just the person who installs, or is impacting more devices than the one that converts, but up until now they had no way to measure that influence. That all changes with Audience Attribution. We’re essentially exposing a whole new segment of influence-based installs that were falsely attributed as organic, and new KPIs, like household LTV, are all of a sudden a reality.”

Kochava’s Audience Attribution enables marketers to attribute app installs to ads across various devices in a household, exposing the full reach of single advertisement as opposed to organic installs.
Kochava uses IdentityLink and Proximity Identification to achieve attribution. IdentityLink essentially associates internal identifiers with a Kochava device ID to manage an audience and gain analytics for consumer behaviour. Kochava writes:

“IdentityLink gives advertisers actionable intelligence on all of their behavioral user data, regardless of where it exists, delivering a unified picture for more effective targeting, re-targeting, and optimization.”

Proximity then strengthens connections between people and their devices based on location which helps marketers identify where budgets should be spent. It helps to pin-point power users across households who influence other members of the group and hence advertisers can focus budget on reaching new households rather than wasting budgets on every single member of that family. Manning adds:

“There are ad networks out there that are doing a valiant job of promoting an app, but they’re only getting credit for the work they’re doing if the device where the ad shown is also the device that installs the app. An ad network’s entire job is judged on performance, and if they’re not looking at the wider net of audience being impacted, it doesn’t serve them well.”

In addition, Kochava, trusted by 1,200 publishers worldwide, prides itself for its security and privacy measures, ensuring that all data is secure, never leveraged in aggregate or shared with other customers.