Kii and KDDI collaborate on versatile new KPCS IoT platform

Andy Boxall

In App Development, iot

October 13, 2015


Cloud platform provider Kii has announced a new partnership with Japanese network KDDI, which will help developers and businesses produce apps that connect hardware to the Internet of Things. The resulting product is the KCPS, or KDDI Cloud Platform Service, the first of its kind in Japan.

The KCPS brings together Kii’s IoT platform with KDDI’s Wide Area Virtual Switch, allowing mobile apps of all kinds to connect to the Internet or an Intranet service.

Masanari Arai, Kii’s CEO, said:


“As the IoT continues to gain mass acceptance, we see tremendous value in working with a respected telecom industry leader like KDDI to help mobile app developers get more IoT devices into the hands of Japanese consumers. Our collaboration with KDDI will drive the next steps in IoT development and increase focus on the cloud in building the backend support of these apps in Japan.”

Kii and KDDI’s new partnership will make it easier for developers to product IoT apps in Japan

Kii IoT

Apps for Android and iOS will work with the KCPS, and KDDI’s app development platform is versatile enough for companies to make low-cost, high quality apps in a short amount of time. Features often essential to IoT apps such as push notifications and geo-location are built in.