Key Highlights from App Promotion Summit Berlin 2015

On December 3d the App Promotion Summit 2015 took place in Berlin, Germany. Attendees from a number of app development, marketing and analytics companies shared many important numbers and pieces of data, let’s walk through some of them!
Mike Winters from Branch Metrics shared data on Deep Linking technology and its impact on an app growth and its retention. Cases when people had sent link to an app to themselves resulted in an app install and opening for the first time in 42% of all instances. Essentially it backs up with data the notion that was known already – content is the king. When we compare retention level for standard and Deep link, we see that the latter clearly allows to keep larger percentage of app users engaged.

All of us have dozens and dozens of apps on our mobile devices, wonder how many exactly people have? Lorenzo Bianchi from Google has the number for you – it’s 36 and the sad fact in conjunction with it is that 25% of those apps simply collect dust on people’s screen.

Andy Carvell from MobileGrowthStack brought up the table with all channels, app acquisition techniques and more on a single slide.

A slide from the Tom Leclerc presentation gave a great structural approach for an App Store Optimization.

Thomas Petit from @8bit presented a cheat sheet for app reviews. If you think that many of bullet points are obvious, it’s good for you, unfortunately not all app developers community is on the same page with you.

What color should you choose for your app’s icon? How people in different countries perceive colors and how should it influence your choice of a color? Per Haglund from PegPuzzle game shares data.

How much does a Facebook app install cost these days? Marina Guz from Familo messenger app shared the data from the company’s Facebook App Install Ad campaign. It turns out, even though the average number for Facebook Ads CPI = $1,5 and more, it’s possible to acquire app users for as little as $0.45 / per user.

Have you heard about Google App Indexing? What are cases for apps that actually have already benefited from this latest Google update for the Google Play market? Google gave two examples or Cookpad and MailOnline app.

How effective are Google app install driving channels? Google shared its own data, Search Ads drive 50% app downloads with banner ads on the second place with %47. It’s interesting to see that videos ads actually hold the last position, despite huge popularity of video as a medium. Perhaps it goes to say that because video ads deliver the greatest amount of information about apps, only people who really find those apps to be useful for them actually download them.

Why people abandon apps? Low retention is one of the biggest problems app developers are facing these days. Aeria Games shared their case that showed that people were leaving the app before being introduced to its welcome screen. It’s a really important lesson for app developers – every single step of interaction between app and its users may become the last one.

What marketing channels are more effective? Team from ShareTheMeal app shared their experience with various channels that contributed to their app success.

How do ads on different TV channels contribute to an app marketing overall expenses? Mobile House UK company team shared their data that may help you to decide on what specific TV channel to approach for your app marketing campaign.

All in all it was yet another fantastic event and now we all are looking forward the next App Promotion Summit in London, UK!
See you on the floor!