Kantar Worldpanel partners with Facebook to add mobile ad exposure data to its advertising features

Anne Freier

In Mobile Advertising. June 27, 2016

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Consumer panel Kantar Worldpanel has partnered with Facebook to integrate the social media network’s mobile ad exposure data into its Consumer Mix Model (CMM) service.
Source: kantarworldpanel.com
The company says it wants to provide more accurate assessment of effectiveness of cross-media ad campaigns. The partnership means that clients get to tap into Facebook mobile ad exposure data as well as Kantar Worldpanel’s continuous consumer packaged goods purchase (CPG) data through the CMM tool.
Given the rapid growth of Facebook digital ad revenue to $5.2bn in Q1 2016 – a jump of 57% – marketers want to understand the true impact of their ad campaigns on sales and see the contribution Facebook and other media have on their ROI. This helps them to organise their media planning and improve efficiency of their campaigns and investment.
Josep Montserrat, Chief executive, Kantar Worldpanel, says:
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“The partnership allows our experts to build a solid understanding of how advertising works and the role that Facebook plays in a wider campaign context. Working with Facebook will allow us to inspire even better decisions to optimise advertising budgets and maximise advertisers’ return on investment.”

Kantar Worldpanel’s CPG purchase panels are being used by the ad community worldwide to understand what effects cross-media advertising has. It measures in-store promotions as well as consumer loyalty and gives a full picture of the consumer purchase behaviour.
The latest addition to Kantar’s services are available in in the UK, France, Spain, Portugal, Brazil, India, South Korea and Taiwan, with Asia Pacific and Latin American countries to follow throughout 2016.
Patrick Harris, Director, Global Agency Development at Facebook, adds:
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“We believe that strong partnerships with our agency partners are key to providing advertisers with the tools they need to measure true business value on Facebook. We are excited to help inform Kantar Worldpanel’s Consumer Mix Model solution by bringing in our mobile ad exposure data in a privacy-safe way.”