Kamcord adds mobile game livestreaming feature to its app


Mobile gaming video app Kamcord has announced it will start supporting live streaming through its platform, enabling mobile gamers to share their triumphs with viewers. Previously, Kamcord only provided the ability to record, then share content.

Kamcord’s livestreaming will be compatible with iOS, Android, and PCs, the latter of which only if the device is connected to the machine. The introduction coincides with increased attention on PC live streaming sites such as Twitch, and the popularity of gameplay videos on YouTube.

Kamcord has livestreaming events planned to showcase its latest feature


According to a report published by Venturebeat, the Kamcord team has only been working on the lifestream feature for six weeks, and has already produced a consumer-ready product. It aims to provide mobile gamers with a latency as low as 10 seconds, making live chat — a feature it introduced recently — more natural.

Aditya Rathnam, Kamcord’s co-founder, said in an interview:


“Livestreaming is something that has been on our radar for a long time. We’ve been thinking about it for a couple of years. Having thought about it like that for a long time — and having built much of the infrastructure around it — helped us get it out so quickly once we decided to do it.”

Kamcord can be downloaded for mobile devices through the company’s website, or respective mobile app stores.