Kahuna launches Dynamic Audiences to automate mobile ad retargeting on Facebook

Mobile marketing start-up Kahuna recently announced the launch of Dynamic Audiences, a new solution which allows marketers to automate ad retargeting on Facebook through tracking mobile app behaviour. Advertisers can intelligently adjust content and increase ROI by ensuring ads are only shown to the right audience and not shown twice to those who have already made a purchase or users who remain unresponsive.
Kahuna Dynamic Audiences retargets mobile ads on Facebook
Source: kahuna.com
Custom audience integration for Facebook provides insight on behaviours and engagement to ensure ads become a more pleasurable experience for mobile users.
Adam Marchick, CEO, Kahuna, says:

“As a consumer, there is nothing more annoying than being followed around the web by an advertised product you have already purchased, and for brands, this is simply a waste of marketing dollars. If marketers want to achieve higher engagement levels on Facebook, they need to get smarter about the way they interact with users. With Kahuna’s Dynamic Audiences, every interaction you make will be personal, timely and relevant–allowing customers to be delighted with your brand and ultimately drive greater ROI.”

Indeed, marketers are currently spending too many resources on customers who have already purchased their products. With Kahuna, real-time targeting makes Facebook advertising smarter and more efficient by allowing ads to disappear once a user has engaged with them. Marchick adds:

“It’s all about tying CRM in real time to advertising. The app auto-refreshes to make sure that each ad is relevant for each consumer. All the (marketer) has to do is set up a campaign in Kahuna. None of the lists are manual. They are all automatically and dynamically created by Kahuna.”

The solution adds a level of personalisation and understanding a product’s audience to Facebook advertising that no other company is doing in quite this way. Marchick explains:

“A lot of what our competitors are doing is manual uploads of lists, companies like [Salesforce’s] ExactTarget.”

Having added this level of personal engagement makes Kahuna a valuable product for brands targeting customers on Facebook. Kahuna was founded in 2012 by Adam Marchick from Glow Foundation and Jacob Taylor from Symantec. Its Company Engagement Engine is being used by companies such as Yahoo, Hotel Tonight and Fox Broadcasting Company.