iSIGN Media sees success of mobile ad solution Smart Antenna

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iSIGN Media Solutions Inc., which provides interactive mobile ad solutions, and reseller We Build Apps have been working closely with Crocker Park, a shopping centre in Ohio, to install iSIGN’s Smart Antenna hardware. 500 Smart Antennas were installed across the whole facility.
The expansion follows a recent insurance company appraisal of Smart Antenna’s security features as a result of its real-time messaging update algorithm. Hence Crocker Park’s installation will result in a 25% insurance premium.
iSign Media Solutions Smart Antenna
In addition, WBA together with iSIGN have created a solar-powered Green Solution and battery back-up for the networked Smart Antennas for Crocker Park in case of power failure.
The development means that Crocker Park could qualify for an investment tax credit programme offered by the US federal government. This is designed to drive deployment of solar energy projects and has been extended for another five years recently.
For transportation, amusement and entertainment as well as residential complexes, Smart Antenna could be an interesting solution to help drive down insurance premiums and offer cost savings through tax credits.
The solution can be leased through iSIGN partner Commercial Funding Group.
Out of Toronto, iSIGN Media is a SaaS company that gathers point-of-sale data and mobile shopper preferences to generate actionable data and reveal consumer insights. It delivers targeted messages, personalised offers and loyalty perks to consumers’ mobile devices nearby and with real-time proof of redemption.