ironSource reveals in-app Augmented Reality advertising platform

Mobile monetisation and advertising company, IronSource, has launched Augmented Reality (AR) adverts for games.
The ads are being created completely in-house by the company’s Playworks Studio, which designs ads based on games in order to drive improved audience engagement.
IronSource may be a little ahead of the curve here, but AR is likely to become more mainstream as tech giants such as Google and Apple bolster their own AR expansions. It was only going to be a matter of time until advertisers got to utilise the format.
Dan Greenberg, Chief Design Officer at IronSource, told VentureBeat that the ads were currently being created by the company’s creative team using the 3D assets provided by their clients.

“The in-house team includes both graphic designers and animators, along with programmers, game designers, and data scientists,” he adds.

The finished ad can then be delivered via IronSource’s own mobile video SDK. Greenberg revealed that this is precisely what makes the AR ads unique – IronSource’s ability to deploy them in-app across its SDK.
According to Statista, 25% of marketers in 2016 were interested in implementing AR advertising.

Meanwhile, an AdMaster survey revealed that AR and virtual reality (VR) were the second most important digital marketing focuses for advertisers in 2017 (45%).

There are some concerns that AR could become too intrusive for consumers, however, Greenberg rejects such fears.

“I think the essential nature of AR advertising will protect it from being intrusive or disruptive the way a lot of traditional advertising has become. Especially when looked at in the context of smartphone-driven AR, the experience is both opt-in (because users have to allow access to the camera) and non-disruptive, since users are essentially interacting with an enriched, upgraded version of their real surroundings. As opposed to taking you into a different experience from the one you’re in, an AR ad enriches the experience you’re already having.”

Although it is not yet clear how AR mobile ads will perform, gaming apps present as a great playing field to test the formats effectiveness.