Intel launches INDE cross-platform tools for mobile app development


Intel has released a new suite of cross-platform development tools dubbed Integrated Native Developer Experience, or INDE for short.

The chipmaker claims its new product is the first solution for the development of native apps across architectures, operating systems and IDEs. The suite of C++ and Java tools are designed to speed up both mobile and PC app development on Intel architecture, while Android apps are supported on both Arm and Intel architecture

Intel has included tools that help with environment set-up, native C++ debugging, graphics debugger, audio encoding, and more. All you need to is select your preferred IDE (MS Visual Studio or Android Studio) and “INDE’s environment setup feature does the rest,” the company claims

INDE in particular helps simplify Android development. In a blog post, senior technical consulting engineer Neal P said:


“Android is now running on over 2 billion devices – not exactly a small number! And if you want to develop for the mobile marketplace, you’ll find that getting started on the Android* platform is hard. So not only does Intel INDE make Android* IDE setup a snap, but it will help you develop apps that run at native performance on each platform. And you don’t have to spend months learning to optimize for the performance and power characteristics of each and every target device.”

Intel’s mobile chips now run on both Windows and Android, but the company’s decision to support ARM with its latest set of developer tools is an admission that it still has a lot of catching-up to do in the smartphone and tablet space. ARM recently released a bunch of test results claiming Intel chips had compatibility issues when it came to running native Android apps.

Intel INDE has three different pricing tiers. The starter edition is free to use, while the Professional and Ultimate Editions cost $299 and $799 respectively. For more information head over to the website.