Integral Ad Science launches pre-bid targeting segment to ensure mobile in-app brand safety

Anne Freier

In Mobile Advertising. March 31, 2016

integral ad science
Integral Ad Science, a tech company that is focused on ensuring safe digital media quality for its clients, just rolled out a pre-bid targeting segment for mobile in-app brand safety. The solution determines in-app content categories as well as brand risk of an app. Ad tech partner AppNexus now offers these segments as part of its platform.
Integral Ad Science launches pre-bid targeting for mobile in-app safety
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The rise of in-app ad spending has led to marketers seeking solutions which level their ads’ risks more effectively. Apps cannot be crawled like websites, but Integral uses new techniques to rank apps and assign them to its industry standard brand safety content categories. This ensures brand safety and media quality for in-app mobile ads.
Scott Knoll, CEO, Integral Ad Science, says:
scott knoll

“Reaching consumers on their mobile devices doesn’t have to be risky anymore. Relying on brand safety targeting, brands can be confident that their brand stories will be heard in the right environment, avoiding inappropriate apps, such as gambling, piracy, or illegal drug apps.”

Marketers can now access mobile in-app brand safety targeting on Integral partner AppNexus. The mobile segments actively target away from apps with adult content, alcohol, illegal downloads, drugs, gambling and violence.
John Collier, Senior Director, Platform Partners, AppNexus, adds:
john collier

“Part of our mission is to help better the digital advertising industry through technology, and bring the right ads to the right people at the right time, especially with in-app mobile. By working with Integral, a company we have partnered with for several years, we offer advertisers best-in-class solutions for increased campaign effectiveness that helps our customers get the best value for every ad opportunity across all buying channels.”

The two companies have previously worked together in 2015, when Integral Ad Science was chosen to power AppNexus’s Spend Protection Program that safeguards programmatic media placements for buyers and sellers. Essentially, the guard prevents advertisers from paying for fraudulent ads. At the same time, buyers only pay for impressions which meet these quality standards.