Instagram trials video and photo adverts in Stories feature

Anne Freier

In Mobile Advertising

January 18, 2017


Source Instagram

Instagram has stepped up its advertising efforts and launched video and photo adverts for its Stories sharing feature. The new ads will be tested for placement as full-screen, auto-play video ads for a period of three weeks.
With Stories, users can share collected videos and photos with friends that follow them. Given a user base of 150 million daily users, Stories makes for a playground for advertisers and Instagram is well aware.
James Quarles, the VP of Instagram Business, said that the company was very pleased with the success of Stories.
james quarles

“It is becoming a main part of people’s Instagram experience, opening up a new side of what people share on Instagram.”

Instagram recently confirmed that most of the posts within Stories were organic and 70% of users followed at least one business on the imaging app. This could potentially point at video and photo being well received in the future.
The latest advertising addition behaves much like one would expect video to behave. In addition, marketers can turn their stream content into a Story advert.
Instagram has also hinted at launching analytics and metrics for the content.
When it comes to competition from Snapchat, it seems the two apps are going head to head in terms of user numbers. However, Instagram does have experienced parent Facebook behind it, which may give it a competitive advantage. Facebook does offer a large suite of targeting options and demographics which make Instagram an interesting platform to trial for mobile advertising.