Instagram to roll out resharing of public posts

Anne Freier

In Mobile Advertising

February 8, 2018

Instagram is now trialling sharing of public posts from other users to their own Story feeds.
Though not official, the company confirmed the tests with a small number of users to TechCrunch.
Reposts of public posts (e.g. from celebrities) offer another means of engagement for Instagram, but it also opens the door for users to share branded and sponsored posts in the future.
Instagrammers who do not wish to enable sharing of their posts can simply disable the option within their account security settings. Even people who are not currently enabled to share can still see the option in their settings to “Allow resharing to Stories”.
However, users have widely adopted screenshotting of other people’s posts to share them, which is likely to have encouraged Instagram to roll out regrams in the first place.
For users who have been given access to the feature the company has added a “Add post to your story” button.
Interestingly, users would also be able to resize or rotate images once shared to their Story profile.
The feature is among many additions the popular imaging app has recently explored. It recently also added support for Gifs.