Instagram to launch carousel video advertising option

Instagram this week announced that it would soon roll out video carousel ads, which will allow advertisers to share up to five separate videos or content pieces within a single 60-second video.
Instagram to add video carousel ads
The company has been busy trying to foster more video content from users across its app. And now it’s doing the same for marketers. The move follows the company’s addition of carousel ads last year as well as the expansion of 60-second video ads in February this year.
Instagram carousel ads allow users to swipe between different ad cards. Video functionality will be similar, combining multiple skippable videos in a one ad.
According to the company, video viewing grew 40% over the last eight months. Indeed, mobile video is all the rage in mobile advertising right now and Instagram is keen to jump on the trend in order to grow its ad revenue. The strategy is closely aligned with what Facebook has been doing more recently.
For now, carousel video ads are being tested in beta, but the company expects to officially roll out the feature over the coming weeks.