Instagram may be able to deliver even more ads with this redesigned call-to-action bar

Anne Freier

In Mobile Advertising

October 18, 2017

Instagram is updating its call-to-action bars for clickable ads to adopt a more blended look.
In order to get people to recognise the ads, Instagram is trying to make them stand out more. The company replaced its ads’ call-to-action button with a horizontal bar a while ago. Originally, these bars were changing colour from white to blue to draw attention.
The latest changes result in the call-to-action bar dynamically changing colour to match the ad’s main colour. The company hopes that the move will improve the user experience.
At the same time, the redesigned ad bars will blend in better with an ad’s content to make the feed feel more natural. Whilst the blue bars were an obvious sign that the image was an ad, the dynamic colouring almost disguises an ads identity. Hence, Instagram users may not notice if a photo or video is an advert.
That way, Instagram may be able to insert more adverts into user feeds.