Instagram adds poll stickers to let people vote on posts

Instagram has launched a new feature that enables its users to find out more about what followers really think about them. Polling stickers can be used to ask followers to share their opinions and engage more often with a post or video. Polls can be placed on both videos as well as photos.
Using the new stickers is easy. Instagrammers simply take a photo or video, select the poll sticker and place it on the post. To check the results of a poll, users swipe up. This opens a windows that shows a viewer list and the results of a poll – who voted what basically.
The poll and its results aren’t permanent though. They will disappear after 24 hours.
In addition, Instagram also launched a new colour pick tool for text as well as brushes, and an alignment feature for text as well as stickers.
Similar to most image editing software, an eye-drop icon lets users select a colour from their photo or video and then use it as part of the drawing tool.
The additions are clearly designed to boost audience engagement across the platform. Although it seems that Instagram has little to worry about.
Whilst engagement is difficult to measure accurately, a survey by Bloglovin among 2,500 micro-influencers found that 59% preferred Instagram rating it the best overall platform for engagement followed by Facebook.