Inspired by Snapchat, vertical video ads grew 1200% on PadSquad with completion rates of 389%

PadSquad, the mobile rich media company may be on to something with its latest feature that lets marketers transform their Snapchat videos into more interactive vertical scroller formats for the mobile web.
With more brands now using Snapchat to create vertical videos, it makes sense from an economical point of view to extract those videos and use them outside of the app. That’s where PadSquad comes in. The company lets marketers morph these Snapchat videos into vertical formats that can then be distributed across its publisher marketplace.
Snapchat has been leading when it comes to the vertical video format. The company quickly realised that users simply preferred not having to rotate their phones and adapted accordingly. Ads may be fully viewed up to nine times more, according to Snapchat research. However, that doesn’t mean the competition hasn’t followed. Indeed, Facebook and Instagram were quick to roll out their own vertical video ads back in September 2016.
Overall, that only means one thing: vertical video formats are growing. And PadSquad is a shining example of that growth noting a 1200% spike in its vertical video ads. The company’s video interscroller product has now outperformed traditional video ads with completion rates of 389%.
Daniel Meehan, Founder and CEO, PadSquad, explains:

“We’re taking what Millennials and Generation Z love on Snapchat, and we’re helping brands extend their audience reach across premium mobile web supply. Our vertical video interscroller product introduces a new, modern way of video storytelling that is native to the device and aligned with the behavior of the younger mobile social audience that brands covet.”

Among the company’s clients which have already trialled the format are Elizabeth Arden, ABC, Delta, Activision, Barilla, Pillsbury and others.
The company has already exceeded benchmarks of industry engagement by over 200%. Meehan adds:

“Our vertical video interscroller product is outperforming traditional video ads with a video completion rate of 35 times above industry benchmarks. That certainly says something about what’s working in mobile advertising.”