InSkin Media releases new mobile advertising format

Anne Freier

In Mobile Advertising Blog. September 19, 2016

inskin media
InSkin Media, the ad tech business with offices in London, Hamburg, Sydney, Singapore, Hong Kong and Dubai has partnered with Tourism New Zealand to unveil a new digital advertising format.
Dubbed PageSkin Edge, the mobile advertising format has been created to allow marketers to monetise their mobile web content and forego adblockers whilst combining engagement and viewability measurement tools.
InSkin Media rolls out new mobile advertising format
PageSkin opens in a mobile browser to take over the entire screen with an animated element towards the right side of the page. The company says that the product outperformed visibility benchmarks during testing. Frequency capping is included to yield higher reach and effectiveness.
The format is available for desktop ads, but has been tailored to suit mobile device performance.
Matt Newcomb, General Manager Australia and New Zealand, InSkin, says:
matt newcomb

“There’s no doubt that people are getting frustrated with their online experience, and you see that play out through ad blocking. This format addresses the challenges of balancing publisher revenues and user experience. It delivers high dwell times and interaction rates for advertisers, which increase publisher revenue while reflecting the IAB’s LEAN principles in being lightweight and ‘polite’, giving less reason to block ads and an enhanced mobile experience for the publisher and the reader.”

Mobile now accounts for a $2bn advertising market share, according to IAB research.
Tourism New Zealand combines media from Mindshare and a creative from from WhybinTBWA Sydney to launch the first PageSkin Edge campaign across various devices including smartphones and tablets.
Tony Saunders, GM for Australia, Tourism New Zealand, adds:
tony saunders

“Tourism New Zealand targets independent professionals and active [Baby] Boomers who are looking for unique experiences and we believe this extends to the advertising they engage with. InSkin’s Pageskin Edge format provides outstanding in-view times and viewability scores, while also showcasing a variety of holiday experiences in the North Island.”

The campaign quickly attracted engagement and boosted the brand’s profile at a 97% viewability rate and 48-seconds average in-view times.