Insert makes mobile adverts more personal and rolls out customisable landing pages for mobile apps

Insert, the in-app marketing platform has launched a landing page for mobile apps. The addition lets app developers and advertisers create customised landing pages within their apps to make sure that customers arrive from push notifications, ads, social media or emails to personalised landing pages.
Insert launches personalised landing pages
A 2014 study by MarketingSherpa found that web landing pages are a mainstay of marketing with 48% of firms building new landing pages for every marketing campaign they unleash.
So far, the possibilities to do this on apps has been rather limited. Push notifications take users to a website, but not usually to a specific area within an app. Such specification is difficult and requires deep-linking technologies as well as pre-coding.
The latest product addition from Insert aims to make that process a whole lot smoother, with app owners and marketers now able to instantly create a custom landing page for each campaign.
When a customer clicks a link prompted by a notification, s/he will be taken directly to the campaign-designated landing page, which could be a product site, app feature or a shopping basket to prompt them to finish a transaction.
Retail apps, for example, could send out a discount for 10% on a certain item. Customers are then taken directly to the product offer page and are able to purchase the goods instantly.
In addition, advertisers can target specific segments of app users and personalise landing pages accordingly. Push notifications are configurable so they follow specific actions or non-actions.
Shahar Kaminitz, Founder and CEO, Insert, explains:

“Landing pages should be as standard in apps as they are on the web. Ever since Microsoft initiated the first landing pages in 2003, they have proven themselves to be a very effective way of increasing conversions. We expect to transfer the success that landing pages have had on the web to the in-app market, allowing our clients to see a significant increase in their results.”