Insert integrates with Adobe Marketing Cloud for expanded mobile in-app audience targeting and analytics

2017-03-14 (1)
Automated in-app marketing platform Insert has announced its integration with the Adobe Marketing Cloud. The move will enable app advertisers to tap into Adobe’s audiences and digital assets including its analytical tools.
Insert already offers a range of tools to deliver mobile-first brand ads that include target segmentation and mobile moment targeting features. Its engagement platform makes it easier for app marketers to schedule and run their campaigns without requiring lots of development resources.
The cross-implementation with Adobe means that Insert clients can also add native mobile apps to their stacks to target audiences that have been segmented in the Adobe Marketing Cloud.
Shahar Kaminitz, CEO of Insert, explains that the data exchange goes two ways.

“[It] puts mobile marketers and customer experience managers on the cutting edge. It brings the personalization components of Adobe’s massive marketing cloud to the world of mobile apps and addresses the dynamic life of app users. Companies can leverage their hard-earned understanding of their customers to target their app users in ways that would otherwise be impossible, and maximize the return on investment in their mobile app.”

2017-03-14 (2)
Capabilities that are added with the integration include in-app campaign data visibility across the Adobe dashboard, creation of multi-channel reports and conversion rate analysis. In-app campaigns can also be created specifically for audiences that are already defined in Adobe Marketing Cloud.
Additionally, Adobe assets include images, videos, GIFS and many more tools.