Inmoji announces launch of self-serve mobile advertising portal for emoji-based mobile app campaigns

Anne Freier

In Mobile Advertising

January 26, 2017


Source Inmoji

Inmoji, the US-based mobile emojis creator, has just announced the launch of an emoji-based advertising platform.
Dubbed EQ, the platform reaches a network of 42 million users across various installed apps including Oovoo, Tango, Badoo and the Inmoji ICE app.
Launched in 2014, the company has been busy creating more engaging icons that allow users to share their favourite brands and products. Companies which have previously utilised Inmoji’s services include Starbucks, Interscope, Disney, Universal and Walmart. Campaigns have been successful at engagement rates of 100%.
Inmoji campaigns are easy to set up. A clients create a clickable sticker and spreads it across a selected network. When consumers click on one of these emojis they play movie trailers or music and can link to websites.
The company says that so far it has provided manual support for advertising clients. However, not every advertiser plans to spend big bucks. That’s where the self-serve platform comes in. For smaller advertisers it’s an ideal proposition to tap into Inmoji’s huge community.
Michael Africk, Co-Founder and CEO, Inmoji, says:

“We built this platform to help scale our business worldwide. We’re giving anyone with any size budget the ability to create and deliver unique, clickable Inmoji icons and experiences to our 100 million daily users on the world’s biggest messaging apps.”

The self-serve platform is easy to use. Advertisers can upload an image and then create matching specs as well as a calls to action. Ads are then manually reviewed.
Africk adds:

“We have also looked at the fragmentation of the sticker market with regards to reach and formatting, and as the leader in this space saw the opportunity to drive the standard by giving our current and future clients a one stop shop for creating/customizing one sticker pack for ubiquitous distribution across all messaging apps.”

Inmoji hopes that the self-serve feature will offer greater global reach and accelerate the firm’s growth globally.
Africk certainly has high hopes for the platform to become an “unbelievable” distributor of rich media, location services and other information.