InMobi roll-outs native ad platform

InMobi has taken its native ad platform out of beta and made it available to all advertisers and publishers.
The platform, which was launched earlier in the year, allows app publishers to design and create their own native ads, including interstitials and content feed ad units. InMobi says its solution is the most “advanced native advertising platform in the world” and is investing $100 million to further enhance its features. Check out the video below for an insight into how it works.
InMobi introduces its native ads

InMobi says advertisers can see live previews of how their native ad designs will look when implemented and can edit them within the UI. Advertisers can also test drive the editing platform without creating an account and registering with the network.
Writing on the InMobi blog, CEO Naveen Tewari believes his new product will “rewrite history”:

“We want to empower every developer out there to monetize using native ads,” says Tewari. “That is our way of ensuring that we are truly causing disruption and a fundamental shift in the industry towards making ads beautiful and to accelerate the death of banner ads. At present, a large portion of native advertising is limited to just five big companies. We wanted to change this and democratize native ads and bring it to all developers.”

InMobi claims around 500 publishers asked to be involved in the beta version of the platform and says average performance is around four to five times better than banner ad units. The network also says it already serving more than 20 billion native ads per month in 35+ countries.
Despite Google’s recent ad policy tweak, there’s certainly no sign of the native ad train slowing down any time soon. Is the poor old mobile banner ad really on the cusp of extinction? It’s beginning to look that way. For more information head over to the InMobi website.