InMobi launches Miip – a discovery platform to transform ads into moments

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InMobi, the independent mobile ad network, recently unveiled Miip – a discovery platform that turns mobile ads into discoverable moments for users. Miip allows advertisers to create discovery zones for consumers within apps and feed a curated collection of products, apps and related content to the end user. The platform stores and refines recommendations over time through emotions and reactions expressed by the consumer, making for an ever more personalised experience.
Miip is a new discovery platform from InMobi
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Naveen Tewari, Founder & CEO, InMobi, says:

“Ads today have forgotten the protagonist of the story – the user. With Miip, we will put the user ahead of everyone else, and deliver a consistent, personalized and content-rich experience that users will fall in love with.”

Through Miip, InMobi places the consumer at the center of the advertising experience. Compared to traditional push-based marketing, Miip captures the user’s attention through stories. As an example – if a user likes pop music, they will see a story featuring recommendations for relevant products, tracks, tickets etc. In addition, Miip allows consumers to buy merchandise through the discovery zone, supported by mobile payment provider Stripe. Cristina Cordova, Head of Business Development, Stripe, says:

“For consumers, the point of discovery is shifting more than ever towards the apps and social media feeds on their phones. Elegant, easy checkout experiences are essential to converting on mobile, so we’re excited to partner with InMobi to bring these experiences to thousands of apps on more than a billion devices.”

The company’s new product is currently in private beta testing with companies including Spotify as well as retailers The RealReal and Joyus. The product will be available for consumers over the coming months.
Miip Conversation Video