InMobi launches audience-expanding, programmatic mobile ad exchange


Independent mobile advertising platform InMobi has teamed up with advertising automation firm Rubicon Project to announce the launch of a new feature, the InMobi Exchange. Advertisers can now directly buy mobile app segments using programmatic direct deals, across 36 countries. Focusing on native mobile in-stream and banner ads, the Exchange was first created back in May, but has only now gone live for InMobi customers.

InMobi claims the Exchange is the first to “offer mobile first segments in 36 countries at scale,” and by using automated direct orders, makes identifying audiences in the app ecosystem easier. Buyers have the chance to browse segments, propose exchanges, and eventually bid on impressions once a deal is in place.

In the confusing world of RTB terminology, ‘Programmatic Direct’ differs from other types of programmatic buying, in that purchases are done – as the name suggests – directly between advertisers and publishers. This is in contrast to ‘open exchange’ programmatic solutions, which opens up inventory to all bidders. Rubicon also partnered with Apple to offer an open exchange on iAd inventory for the first time just a few weeks ago.

Anne Frisbie, VP and general manager at InMobi, says:


“We are committed to improving the efficacy of mobile advertising globally. A vast majority of digital consumer interactions are experienced through mobile apps – not desktop or mobile browsers. As a result, it is critical that buyers have a media partner that can enable the buying of mobile app audiences around the world.” 

According to InMobi, it has audience data for more than 870 million monthly unique users, and builds the profiles for sale in the exchange using about 120 “user signals,” which comes from data acquired through its one trillion SDK interactions. A partnership with Factual, which provides location data, means it can split profiles up by city, state, zip code, and even users’ travel activity.

InMobi is based in India and helps international brands engage with customers around the world. You can read more about InMobi by visiting the company profile.